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KDHA is a constituent of ADHA. ADHA is the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists.

Our members enjoy professional support, educational programs, and numerous opportunities for participation in association decision making. With your support, we can carry out our mission to advance the art and science of dental hygiene, and to promote the highest standards of education and practice in the profession.

This site strives to provide you with information relating to everything from Legislative issues to continuing education programs. Please visit often to stay informed of current issues and events concerning the Kansas Dental Hygienist as this site is updated frequently. Last update 1/17/2017

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KDHA invites you to join us for the 2017 Spring Meeting

Please join us March 11th for some amazing CE's at the Holiday Inn in Salina!
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See you in Salina!

Legislative Update

DT Legislative Revisions: “RDH” entry-level is back in for 2017!!

Last year we had some significant changes to the dental therapy (DT) bill due to the pass-ing of the Commission Of Dental Accreditation (CODA) standards for DT, which accredits dental and dental hygiene programs. This was great news to be able to see this new pro-fessional was being recognized through educational standards. However, while the Kan-sas Dental Project added specific verbiage from the DT CODA standards to make SB 413 bill ‘stronger’, they removed content that stated that a licensed RDH would be entry level for this new mid-level provider. The KDHA heard from members that the SB413 bill last year was not a “RDH entry level” bill as in previous years (SB 49 from 2015 session) and there was concern that this provider would not provide the full scope of preventive ser-vices that a RDH has been educated to provide. The fact that prevention and education is a critical element for the population of patients that the DT would be serving is a critical function. The KDHA legislative team thoroughly reviewed SB 413 and our KDHA policy for supporting a ‘Mid-Level Provider” and found that our policy (created in 2010) did not sup-port SB 413 without that “RDH” verbiage. With the discrepancy between this bill and our KDHA policy, we met with the KDP team and offered revisions in order for our member-ship to continue supporting and advocating for the 2017 DT legislative bill. After a few members of the KDHA legislative committee met with the KDP team and discussed revi-sions, KDP received approval from its members to restore the “RDH entry level” language back into the DT legislation!! In additional revisions, we are also pleased to support the inclusion of (under DT scope of practice) “dispensing and administering via the oral and/or topical route of non-narcotic analgesics, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic medications as prescribed by a licensed healthcare provided” in this year’s bill. This is included in the CODA standards, but was not in SB 413 last year.

The KDHA is ready to support and advocate for the 2017 DT legislation as a primary coali-tion partner with the Kansas Dental Project. The NEW legislation is at the Revisor’s office and being developed. Come join us on Advocacy Day and make a difference for the un-derserved and un-served people of Kansas!! Kansas Dental Project (KDP) Advocacy Day is January 25 so if you haven’t done so already, sign up today at www.kansasdental.com .

I look forward to seeing you there!!

Kind regards,

Janette Delinger, RDH, MSDH Legislative Chair, KDHA

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