KDHA Membership Council Chairperson

Julie Martin RDH, MSPH, ECP III

Membership Privileges and Benefits

Download and print your Membership Application here! Constituent fees are $55, local component fees are $10 and assessment fees are $30. You can also indicate which component you prefer to be in based on our map.

Journal of Dental Hygiene - Members receive a complimentary subscription to ADHA's official publication bringing you scientific and technical articles on clinical practice, research, and education.

Access - Members receive a complimentary subscription to ADHA's magazine. Access helps you stay on top of the issues that are important to dental hygiene.

As part of your dues, you automatically become a member of your state Constituent (KDHA) and local Component (see directory-Component Reps) organizations. These groups sponsor meetings and activities for your personal and professional benefit. By attending local, state, and national membership functions, you have the opportunity to form new friendships and develop professional contacts.

ADHA membership offers you a discount on continuing education through on-line continuing education courses, self-study courses through ADHA's Journal of Dental Hygiene, the ADHA Annual Session, and Constituent and Component continuing education functions.

ADHA members have complimentary 24 hour access to the Career Resource Center, an interactive web-based employment service for dental hygienists seeking employment and employers seeking dental hygienists. Members also benefit from state employment referral services, national classified advertising, and employment reference materials. ADHA is your professional partner, supplying you with information on state licensing authorities, and lists of accredited dental hygiene programs.

Members may apply for scholarships and research grants through ADHA's Institute for Oral Health (IOH). The IOH encourages and promotes professional excellence through scholarships and quality research in collaboration with ADHA. Through it's programs, the Institute has awarded more than 800 scholarships to full-and part-time students pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees, and has inspired over 50 dental hygienists to pursue research specifically in the field of dental hygiene.

With over 300 pages, ADHA's Website covers a wealth of information important to dental hygienists. To obtain the latest in oral health news, consumer tips, and ADHA activities, visit www.adha.org. Members may also subscribe to a weekly email list covering hot topics, issues, advice, and idea exchanges.

Membership provides you with the opportunity to apply for several types of insurance at competitive rates such as: professional liability, disability, and major medical. Visit www.seaburychicago.com for additional information.

As an ADHA member you are entitled to apply for car insurance at a discount. Members may also take advantage of the ADHA credit card and/or mileage program, allowing you to earn points to use towards travel with every purchase you make. The program also offers members financial planning tools.

Discounted hotel rates at over 4,000 hotels nationwide.

Discount buying program, offering members a factory direct pricing program for hundreds of items from food baskets, to leather goods to electronics, to name a few.

Free advertising for 30 days on our website for employment opportunities!!

KDHA Special Awards

All KDHA members: Please fill out this form so the Special Awards Committee will know if you qualify for an award!! Please fill in all areas applicable. Use a separate paper if needed.

Special Awards Nomination Form
Special Awards Criteria

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